The Undie Hanger
The Undie Hanger
The Undie Hanger
The Undie Hanger
The Undie Hanger
The Undie Hanger
The Undie Hanger
The Undie Hanger
The Undie Hanger
The Undie Hanger

The Undie Hanger

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Never peg undies, bras or baby clothes again!

Hang Easy has made hangin' the washing even easier with our brand new Aussie invention - The Undie Hanger ❤️

Drying undies, bras and baby clothing has never been simpler with our slide-and-lock mechanism, securing your items safely while they dry. Easily accessible, the Undie Hanger only needs one hand to use and fits all outdoor clotheslines.

Made of durable stainless steel and finished with an electrostatic powder coating, you can leave the Undie Hanger on the line to stay, as they are made with the harsh Aussie climate in mind.

No more battling windy days just to find your underwear scattered across the yard. The Undie Hanger keeps everything in check, ensuring your knickers stay put and your neighbours stay guessing.

With everybody owning different-sized undies, there is no telling how many you can fit on the Undie Hanger. A good rule of thumb would be a household of 1-2 people should happily get by with one on their line, bigger households might require 2 or three depending on how many undies you wash per load!

How to install the Undie Hanger

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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Saves so much space in my little courtyard!

Brilliant, simple idea. I have a small outdoor space and not so much room on my outdoor line. The Undie Hanger saves me space and is easy to use. Saves fiddling about with pegs for undies. Cheers, guys! Highly recommended.

Love a good gadget 😆

Absolutely loved my undie hanger so much after the first two weeks that I ordered a second. The fact that I don't have to use my arthritic thumbs to squeeze pegs and that all those annoying undies are in one place to get off the line is awesome! I'm one of those weird people who love to do laundry so this was right up my alley ☺️


Love our Undie Hanger! Saves on pegs, all the undies conveniently hanging together - another quality HangEasy product 🤩


Great quality construction and is exactly what I was expecting it to be from the makers advertising. I’ve only had them one day but they are already making washday easier!

Sue C

A great product that makes sure that on high wind days, that my undies don’t end up next door, at the local Police Station. 😉👍🏼👍🏼